Your new superpower for CMRI

The simplest and easiest superintelligent software to
analyze and diagnosis the Cardiac MRI. It automatically
distinguishes what type of images, draws contours,
analyzes, and charts it easy to see. All you have to do
is make sure the Myomics is working well. It's easy, right?

Look at the
Result first

You can easily check all the results at a glance
on the Worklist.
It takes care of complex and diverse cardiac MRI images
from classification to analysis at once. Also, you can easily
export everything you want.

T1, T2, ECV
and beyond

Automatically analyze Native T1, Post T1, T2, and ECV map.
SynLGE may be an alternative to LGE image. In addition,
all image analysis results are provided in a chart, and abnormal
segments are emphasized and displayed by referring to normal
reference values.


Evaluate Cardiac function by automatically analyzing all
Cine images in an instant. Wall thickness, wall motion,
strain, 3D volume rendering and more will be added soon.

Just as you

Tissue characterization with LGE images respects your insights.
We have prepared everything you need to help with the thought
process of your diagnosis.


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